Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Veridical Information and Additional Cases upcoming in my soon to be Revised Article on Psychic Dorothy Allison

Just letting everyone know, on the topic of my Dorothy Allison article, I recently bought the only known book (used since it's out of print) on Dorothy Allison that I could find entirely devoted to her and her cases, co-written by her, on her life and cases, written in 1980, that I know will shed additional light and new information on some of the cases I have already presented here in my indepth article on her, in addition to containing information on cases of hers I haven't yet read about.

From briefly skimming through it during the past several days, I have noticed that it does contain MUCH additional Veridical Information on those cases I've already profiled in my Article, but that it also contains MUCH information on new cases that I did not even know about before. From what I have read within it so far, the Veridical Information I have posted on each of these cases in my current Article generally covers only roughly HALF of the overall Veridical Data on these Cases. So actually, the cases I presented appear to actually be even more solid with the overall data than they appeared in my article. Think of my current article therefore as a "Preview" to my upcoming updated draft. The original will remain as a summery, the new one will be far more indepth.

The book also mentions certain misses and misdirected hits of Dorothy's in these cases, going chronologically from the beginning to the end of each case, so it's a fair presentation overall, and doesn't cover up things she got wrong or misdirected.

The most exciting thing is there are new cases within it that I can update my article with. I will be updating my article in the near future after I read the entirety of the book for it's contents of additional information on her cases, including some previously unknown to me. I'll let you all know then.

I wish I could somehow get in contact with one of Dorothy Allison's relatives, friends, or the law enforcement that worked with her, for additional information on her later cases past 1980 that I know are very intriguing, but little is known about. Maybe one of them will stumble upon my article online someday and contact me? Who knows.

She is definately a Psychic who needs more indepth material written about her and put out there. That's why I wrote my article. To get as much information as I know on her out there in one article.

Accourding to the information in the book, she never charged families ANY money for helping them find bodies or helping find out who the killer was, and in many case she later became very close friends with the family members of dead relatives she helped locate. However, accourding to some skeptic sources, she requested to be paid for her services to law enforcement, which is reasonable knowing there are a number of cases she actually flew to another state or at least a great distance to investigate, spending her time and effort to try to assist Police.

EDIT: A friend of mine suggested that I take the book "with a grain a salt" because it was co-written by Dorothy Allison. I'd like to point out however, that that's not how the book is at all. And it wasn't directly written by her, but by a man named Scott Jacobson, who consulted her, and obviously did his research independent of her. It's not written from a first person's perspective, it's a chronological timeline of events from her earliest cases up to 1980. It even mentions things down to the hour right, that I've read from other sources. Every single thing I've read in the book so far matches every other source I've read (including skeptic sources), including the misses and misdirected hits, those are also the same ones mentioned in Skeptic Sources. It even mentions misses and misdirected hits that AREN'T mentioned in any Skeptic Sources I've seen. You'd think that if the book were leaving anything out, that Skeptics would have picked up on anything not mentioned in it. Regardless, as it's the only book ever published on Psychic Dorothy Allison, it's the only indepth source I currently have independent of the others. That it currently matches everything exactly with the other sources I read (though giving much more indepth detailed information, additional hits, additional misses) it's really my best source at the moment.

"Material for this book was gathered from several sources. Dorothy's own retelling of the stories has been supported by newspaper and magazine articles and signed affidavits from many of the parties involved. In most cases, the families of the victims have cooperated fully, regardless of the fact that the interviews stirred unpleasent memories. Many of the law-enforcement officers involved have also given generously of their time in recounting their experiences with the psychic detective." - Scott Jacobson in Foreward to 'Dorothy Allison: A Psychic Story'

So, it does appear that the man who wrote it cross-referanced all of his material with the people involved and existing sources to confirm her stories.

- Eteponge

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Book Surgeon said...

As a working investigative journalist, I would suggest several angles of inquiry if you want to invest more time into pursuing this:

a. Contact the police departments Dorothy worked with and see if they have officers still on the force who worked with her or case files you can review. Keep in mind these files are often confidential.
b. Contact the book's co-author directly and talk to him about his research methods.
c. Try an online search using resources like to search the last name Allison in the town where she lived. You might turn up some family.