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Exploring The Veridical Cases of Psychic Detective Dorothy Allison

Exploring The Veridical Cases of New Jeresy Housewife and Psychic Detective Dorothy Allison:

Dorothy Allison was first known to display Psychic Ability at the age of 14 when she correctly predicted the untimely death of her perfectly healthy father of pneumonia shortly before he unexpectedly caught it and passed away. She later married, had children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Her reputation as a Psychic Detective all started in 1967, when she unexpectedly had a vision of a small polish boy who had drowned, and went to the police with it, and her clues proved amazingly accurate and detailed and very specific to the case. This started the chain of events where she took up many such cases with Strongly Veridical Results overall. Her clues were like puzzle pieces, that once assembled, provided an amazingly accurate overall picture of the events. She was known as "The Human Radio", due to her picking up all of these Psychic Signals, which she described as like tuning into a Television Program or a Radio, where she would get these flashes of visuals or information, and have to interpret them.

I've provided ALL avalible information on each case presented. Hits, misses, and misdirected hits. I provided arguments from all sides. This is currently my article based masterpiece. It's the first indepth article of information of it's kind on the web on Psychic Detective Dorothy Allison that provides all known cases and all known information on all known cases and arguments from all sides. People should find the overall information presented within very intruging. It is my first attempt at a "full data" article.

Case I: The Little Boy Who Drowned In A Pipe

On December 3rd 1967, a little boy was playing with his brother along the riverbank, and disappeared. Psychic Dorothy Allison had a vision of the boy drowning and being caught in a pipe, a full two hours before the incident happened. She later contacted the police, who were very skeptical, but upon describing the little boy and the clothing he was wearing the morning of his disapperance exactly, information that had not been released to the public (no photo of the little boy had been released to the public either), they decided to take her insights seriously in an open-minded way. Here are the highlights of this perticular case...

Clues She Gave:

In her initial vision of the little boy, a full two hours BEFORE the child drown in the river. She saw him...

* In A Pipe.

* Hands Clasped Together.

* Wearing a Green Snow Suit, with a Polo Shirt with Stripes underneath, and an Undershirt beneath that with a Metal Pin on it, and his Shoes are on the wrong feet.

Additional Psychic Information that came through her during the police investigation, which was all relayed and documented a long while prior to his being discovered...

* The number 120 is significant.

* The number 8 is significant.

* He will be found behind a School.

* A Parking Lot behind an ITT Factory being significant.

* Lumber being significant.

* Gold Lettering on a Window being significant.

* He will be found on February 7th.


* He was found floating in the river (where there had been pipes running up and down it, one of which unchecked may have released him as the snow began to thaw) on February 7th at approximately 1:20 in the afternoon. (Verified: February 7th as the date he would be found, and the significance of the number 120.)

* An Elementary School PS 8 stands at the riverbank nearby. (Verified: The significance of the number 8 and that he would be found behind a school.)

* Across the street is a Lumber Yard. (Verified: The significance of Lumber.)

* Next door is an office building with Gold Letters on the Window. (Verified: The significance of the Gold Lettering on a Window.)

* Directly across the river is the local ITT Factory and it's Parking Lot. (Verified: The signifiance of A Parking Lot behind an ITT Factory.)

* The boy when found had on ALL of the EXACT SAME CLOTHING that she had seen him wearing in her vision. (Verified: All details of clothing.)

* While his golaches were on the right feet, his undershoes were indeed on the wrong feet. (Verified: Shoes being on the wrong feet.)

Known Misses / Misdirections / Misinterpretations:

* She felt he would eventually be found in one of the many pipes along the river. He may have indeed been in one at some point like what she had seen in her initial vision, but the police when they searched the pipes in the river could not find him in them. He was later found floating in the river.

Case II: The Man Who Fell In Water

On December 20, 1974 a businessman got aboard a train to travel, but no one saw him get off of it at it's stop. He simply disappeared. Rumors circulated that he had embezzled and vanished, or run off with a mistress, they simply couldn't find the guy. So the police, knowing the reputation of Dorothy Allison, contacted her asking for her help. The police wrote down everything she said, a full three months before his body was discovered. Here are the highlights of this perticular case...

Clues She Gave:

* He Drowned. He fell off of the train and into water. He's in the Water.

* A Row of Tires is significant.

* A Little Park where kids slide down a hill on is significant. "I see a man in this water here" she said.

* A Bow and Arrow is significant.

* The number 2-2-2 is significant.


* A father and his teenage son were Bow and Arrow target shooting on a bluff over a river when one Arrow missed their target and landed several feet from the dead man's body at the base of the riverbank. (Verified: The significance of a Bow and Arrow.)

* His body was found on February 22. (Verified: The significance of the number 2-2-2.)

* He had in fact fallen off of the train and drowned in the river. (Verified: Cause and Reason of Death.)

* Nearby was a park where Rows of Tires had been arranged to make a sled run. (Verified: The significance of a Row of Tires and the Park that kids use as a sled run.)

Known Misses / Misdirections / Misinterpretations:

* She mentioned a fire engine that kid's shouldn't play as being in the area. In all sources I read, it doesn't mention whether or not this clue was ever verified. It may or may not have been.

Case III: The Murdered Teenage Girl

On May 15, 1976, a teenage girl disappeared shortly after leaving her home. Her parents went to the police, who simply wrote her off as a runaway, and told them that they had neither the time nor manpower to search for an obvious runaway. The parents heard of Psychic Dorothy Allison by reputation, and arranged her to meet them at their home, after the police refused to take their daughter's disapperance seriously. Here are the highlights of this perticular case...

Clues She Gave:

* She asked the parents what 2562 means. (It was their daughter's birthday, February 5, 1962.)

* She asked what 408 or 405 meant, could be either one she was getting she said. (4:05 was the time their daughter was born.)

* She immediately got a vision that the daughter had been strangled by her boyfriend (and gave his name).

* She said that she would be found at a place with the words MAR written in Big Red Letters.

* She said that she is in water, but that she did not drown.

* She mentioned the Smell of Oil and 222.

* She mentioned an Abandoned Car.

* She mentioned Two Sets of Dual Church Steeples.

* She mentioned Dual Smoke Stacks.

*She mentioned Marshes and Swamps.


* After the police refused to cooperate, the father went on his own search using Dorothy's Clues. He came to a Marshed and Swamped area in another town, where he saw Two Sets of Dual Church Steeples, and Dual Smoke Stacks, and decided to check out the area. (Verified: All of Those Specific Clues.)

* He found a rock with the words MAR written in Big Red Letters in the same area. (Verified: The words MAR written in Big Red Letters.)

* He found an Abandoned Car nearby in the same area. (Verified: Abandoned Car.)

* He never found her himself on his search, but sometime later, several teenagers found her body in the exact same area, merely 100 Yards from the rock with MAR written on it, with ALL of Dorothy's above Clues being clearly visible within eyesight from the placement of the body. (Verified: All of Those Specific Clues.)

* The body was found in a Water Hole, placed in an Oil Drum, and the Serial Number on the Oil Drum was 222. (Verified: That she was in water, but did not drown. The Smell of Oil. The significance of the number 222.)

* The boyfriend had in fact killed her, and was arrested and charged with her murder. He had in fact strangled her, placed her in an oil drum, and dumped her body in the water hole. (Verified: Cause of Death and The Person Responsible.)

Known Misses / Misdirections / Misinterpretations:

* The only known one in this perticular case is where she said the number 408 or 405, but she clarified that it could be either one that she was getting. It was 405 that was correct, the daughter's time of birth.

Case IV: Son of Sam

Dorothy Allison was consulted during the Son of Sam murders. Here are the highlights of this perticular case...

* She drew a very accurate Portrait of the killer that looked a lot like David Berkowitz.

* She correctly predicted that the killer would be caught because of a Parking Ticket.

No further information known.

Case V: Patty Hearst

Dorothy Allison was consulted during the Patty Hearst kidnapping. Here are the highlights of this perticular case...

* She gave precise details of the locations in Pennsylvania and New York where she was being held captive.

* She correctly predicted that she would bond with her kidnappers and assist them in a bank robbery.

No further information known.

Case VI: Her Own Death

* In 1990, Dorothy Allison advised her family that she was going to die shortly before her 75th birthday of heart disease. She passed away in December, 1999 from heart disease, just one month shy of her 75th birthday.

Case VII: Foreseen Deaths of Two Teenage Girls

It all started in March 1991 when Dorothy Allison was called on a case of a missing teenage girl. She couldn't pick up anything on the girl in question, but what she picked up instead was startling...

* What she saw was a girl dismembered and her various parts encased in cement. She said that one leg would be popping out.

* She later drove past a lake, and had a strong impression of a girl to whom something had happened, part of the same vision.

However, there was no such discovery. At least not right away. It appeared to be a complete miss.

However, several months later, in June 1991, another teenage girl went missing...

* Two weeks later, her body was discovered in the lake, dismembered, and encased in cement, each piece floating in a seperate block. (It was unverified however, if one leg was indeed "popping out" as Dorothy Allison had seen.)

So it seems she picked up nothing on the first girl, but had instead tuned into and seen the death of the second girl, months before it happened. A clear misdirected hit.

When Dorothy was contacted again, she stated that the body of another victim would soon be found. She said the girl would be strangled and that she would be found underneath some brush, where one could hear trickling water.

* Soon afterwards, another teenage girl nearby went missing, and two weeks after that, her nude body was found, strangled, underneath some brush, near a culvert.

Known Misses / Misdirections / Misinterpretations:

* She clearly picked up nothing in regards to the original girl she was there to investigate. She instead apparently picked up information on a girl who wasn't killed for another several months, and then on another girl who was later killed as well.

Case VIII: Ongoing Police Case Investigation of a Murdered Girl (Still a Cold Case)

This case was randomly chosen by the Television Program "Unsolved Mysteries" in 1988 to test Dorothy Allison's Psychic Ability. She was flown to another state, and took part in the investigation of an obscure murder case in an obscure town she had no way of knowing about. In April of 1984 a 15 year old school girl was murdered. Dorothy Allison was told nothing about the case beforehand. ALL of the below information that Dorothy gave was filmed as it happened in real time. Here are the highlights of this perticular case...

* She gave the name Chuck Goldstein or Bernstein and said he may have information. (This person does exist in this town, but it is unverified as to what became of this clue, and what this person knew.)

* She said the girl was walking along the same street that they (Dorothy and the Police) were driving on, and that she got as far as the library, where she met two brothers or two cousins or twin friends of hers right from her own neighborhood, who took her away in a real old yellow car. (The police did confirm the library was on the same street they were driving on, on the left, a ways down the road. But the rest of the details are unverified.)

* She said the girl had been raped and then murdered. That she had been hit in the head but it hadn't killed her. That suffacation was what killed her, but it wasn't a strangling around the neck, she choked on something, a choking IN the throat, that she had something placed in her throat during the attack that suffacated her. (ALL of these details were 100% correct and verified by the Police, and the Police added that this information was NEVER made public, especially the way she died, a foreign object lodged in her throat.)

* The Number 17 (or 1 and 7) is significant. (It turned out that Number 17 is the Cemetary Plot Number of the murdered girl's grave.)

* The word Cleveland is significant. (It turned out that the last street sign before the Crimescene is at a turnoff called Clevelandtown Road.)

* An Old Church is significant. (Half a mile from where the body was found there is An Old Church.)

* She gave graphic details of how and why the girl was killed, and even the name of the killer, but it was bleeped out. The case is still unsolved, so much is still unverified. It will be interesting to see how it all panned out if the person or persons are ever caught.

Case IX: Misc Cases

Misc Case I:

An elderly alzheimer's patient disappeared from a nursing home. Dorothy Allison was called into the case. Here are the highlights of this perticular case...

* She said he was near a wooded area, where there are caves, near a mountain.

* She said the Number 5 is significant.


* He was found in a wooded area, near a copper mine, near a mountain, 2.5 miles from the nursing home. And the only house on the road he was found on, was house number 5. (The house number on the house was 5.)

No other details are known.

Misc Case II:

Dorothy on an investigation interviewed a non-suspect of a crime, "saw" that he had actually killed the girl, confronted him, she even mentioned the murder weapon to him, he later confessed to Police. (Though it is uncertain as to whether or not he confessed because of Dorothy. No other details are known of this case.)

Misc Case III:

Dorothy Allison met the director of the Unsolved Mysteries episode that she starred in, and upon seeing the woman with him who would later become his wife, she pointed to her and said to her...

* 3/27! 3/27! (March 27th is her birthday.)

* The woman asked Dorothy if there is anything she should look out for. Dorothy told her that her husband is going to have a heart attack. (That same day, hours later, her ex-husband had a heart attack. This hit was slightly misdirected, as he was once her husband, but wasn't at the time. It was the ex-husband, not the current one, that had the heart attack.)

Case X: JonBenet Ramsey Murder, Portrait of a Pseudo-Killer (A Misdirected Hit?)

Dorothy Allison stated that John and Patt Ramsey were innocent, and she drew a sketch of the person she "saw" as the killer of JonBenet Ramsey, and it looked remarkably like modern day suspect John Karr. He looked very different in 1998 when she originated drew the drawing, and the portrait actually looks more like him today with his receeding hairline, than how he looked back then.

A misdirected hit? John Karr has now been eliminated as a suspect, but in 2006 he was arrested and thought to be the killer, and looked at the time remarkably like the man in the drawing, drawn eight years earlier.

It is very possible, as a human receiver for information, that she tuned in and foresaw the modern media hoopla surrounding him being taken into custody and practically everyone thinking he was the killer finally caught, and she interpreted that received reception as him being the killer, much like many of us did. John Karr knew many intimate details of the crime, which makes it obvious that Dorothy would zero in on him as the killer. But DNA Evidence seems to exclude him. So who knows?

Skeptics count this case as a complete miss, but the above explaination is still very plausible, especially given that many of her documented misses are misdirected hits, and this case seems to fit that mold.

Dorothy Allison also stated in regards to this case, "This man went unnoticed in the house. The Ramsey's are not responsible for the death of the child. This is my true and honest belief." "I keep seeing the man that took her. I keep seeing he had a problem. This much I can reveal to you. I know he had trouble with his hip and leg, and I'd like to kick the other one so he can't walk at all."

I have no idea if the hip and leg problems are related to John Karr. If not, maybe in this instance she was focusing in on the real killer?

That's the tough thing with Psychic Visions, they are often hard to interpret save in hindsight when it all comes together, then they happen to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Misdirected information pops up from time to time as well.

Case XI: The Cult Boy (Clear Miss or Misdirected Hit?)

Dorothy Allison was on a case of a missing boy. Accourding to a police officer on the case, she got MANY details of the case right. (I have been unable to find out what these specific details were however.) Except one detail was glaringly wrong, or so it seemed. She said the boy is dead. However, it turned out that the boy was very much alive, at least in the physical sense, as he had ran away and joined a cult. When asked about this, Dorothy clarified that she had seen his "spiritual death", as the boy they now know is not the same person as he was before he joined this dangerous cult. Clear Miss or Misdirected Hit? In what way was the boy dead? Depends on how you interpret it.

Conclusion and Comments:

Skeptics have stated that the way Dorothy Allison works is by throwing out random vague clues that are very general and could be applied to virtually anything and any crime, and then the Police and family members will "retro-fit" the information after the case is solved.

However, I'd like to point out that many of the clues are far from being vague, general stuff that would fit virtually anything and any crime. Let's recap several cases...

2562 being the daughter's birthday, 405 being the time the daughter was born, MAR in Big Red Letters on a Rock near the body, Smell of Oil she was in a drum, and 222 being the Serial Number on the Oil Drum, and a number of other visual clues all within 100 yards of the body in plain visual sight. The boyfriend's name, that he had strangled her. The Policed treated the disapperance as a runaway, Dorothy Allison saw otherwise.

The entire description of the drowned child being accurate in each and every detail and layer of clothing, including the metal pin on the third undershirt and that the shoes would be on the wrong feet. All sorts of numerous visual location information being within visual sight of the body, that he would specifically be found February 7th, and he was found at 1:20 in the afternoon showing the significance of the number 120.

That the man on the train had fallen from the train into the water, even though police suspected he had embezzled or ran off with a mistress. The Bow and Arrow significance which was how his body was discovered, when a stray arrow from people bow and arrow shooting above the riverbank missed it's target and landed right next to his corpse below on the riverbank. The row of tires on a sleded hill next to where the body was found, and 2-2-2 in this case was February 22, the date the body was found.

That the Son of Sam killer would be caught because of a Parking Ticket, such an obscure foreseen detail, not to mention the Accurate Portrait of the Killer. That Patty Hearst would bond with her kidnappers and rob a bank with them, not to mention her pinpointing locations where she was held.

That she would die shortly before her 75th birthday of heart disease, and did just a month short of her 75th birthday.

Accurately picking up that a girl in the area would be dismembered, encased in cement, dumped in a specific lake. And another girl in the general area would be found nude, strangled, covered with brush, and placed near running water. Both before they happend, one several months before it happened.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Yes, many of her clues didn't make connectable sense at the time, because certain details hadn't even happened yet, but later fit together like solid pieces of a crucial puzzle.

Could these crimes have been solved or prevented with the information she provided? Maybe, maybe not. One detective who worked with Dorothy Allison said in retrospect that he should have realized that this and that clue and statement meant this and that, and kicked himself that he wasn't keen enough to zero in on it in time.

However, that one murdered teenage girl's dad, following Dorothy's clues, did find the *exact correct location* where her body was later found, in an obscure area of another town a good distance away in a marsh area. That's one case at least, where all of her viable clues were zeroed in on and put to good use to find the exact location before the body was discovered, as the father found the exact location where the body was later found, with all of the viable clues being within visual sight of where the body was later found. Especially the MAR words written in big red letters on a rock within visual sight of the water hole where the body was kept.

Dorothy Allison also did point out the lake where the dismembered girl was later found encased in cement, several months before it happened.

Retro-Fitting? More like "Puzzle-Fitting".

Personally, with all of these cases and veridical details as a whole, I see it as being more than likely that something more is going on here than mere "coincidence".

This is why I consider Dorothy Allison to have been one of the most credible psychic sleuths out there, and why I obviously disagree with one-sided skeptics who proclaim that no purported Psychic Detective has EVER contributed ANY useful veridical information or lead to the location of ANY body or accurately described ANY killer in all of recorded history. To that accusation, I clearly call BULL.

Sure, there are many psychic frauds out there, just as there are frauds in virtually every profession and field and phenomenon, but just because you find a lot of counterfeit money out there, doesn't mean that all money must therefore be counterfeit.

On one last note, world renowned polygraph expert Dr. Ed Geld once tested Dorothy Allison and asked her how she obtained her information, and she answered entirely truthfully in the polygraph test that the information came from her psychic abilities. Dr. Ed Geld found her to be answering very honestly and truthfully, that she fully believed what she was saying was true, that there was no conscious deception on her part.

- Eteponge

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Claim that scientists recreated OBEs untrue. Debunking an inaccurate news story.

Here is the recent news claim... - Scientists recreate out-of-body experiences (no drugs) - Out-of-body experience recreated - Illusion mimics out-of-body experiences

That is the claim that news stories are running with, but a closer examination reveals this simply isn't true at all.

The device used in the new research in question is nothing more than an optical illusion, where the person is fully conscious and alert, and placed in a stagnate simulated autoscopy perception generated by virtual reality. Totally different than a real OBE.

In a real OBE for example, the person is either in an unconscious state or a flat-lined state where brain-wave activity is nill, the person is completely detached from all feeling and senses of the physical body, sometimes the person will have 360 degree ultra clear vision from every angle of the room, and the person actually wanders around while OBE in many cases, not staying stagnate in one position, wandering far outside of their line of sight, like going into the hallway, or the waiting room, or the roof of the building, going into the street and other areas, and Veridically seeing & hearing events, objects, people, writing, events, and conversations there, which can later be checked and verified to be true in a number of well documented and well researched cases. There are even well documented cases of persons who are blind and persons who were born blind having visually veridical OBEs.

Dr. Jeff Long of NDERF / OBERF (NDE/OBE Research Foundation) has reviewed both articles in this week's issue of the Journal Science, including commentary. He also provided comments on the articles by NDE Researcher P.M.H. Atwater L.H.D.

Highlights: "Neither research team claimed to produce an OBE. Both research tems were clear they were tricking the body's sensory system and creating an illusion. Apparently no research subject in either study claimed to have a real OBE. These studies got a lot more press coverage than was warrented by the limited significance of their findings."

"A true, real out-of-body experience, especially if an aspect or component of the near-death phenomenon, typically involves extensive movement and interaction not only within the environment of the individual, but in novel, different, or far-flung environments unknown to the individual that are explored and investigated at length. When these individuals return to their bodies, they are able to recount in detail what they observed, heard, touched, sensed, smelled, and witnessed. Third-party verification of such details is commonplace."

"True out-of-body experiences do not match the results of the experiments conducted by the two neuroscientists reported on in Science Journal. What they did find, though, is quite intriguing and may indeed explain the phenomenon of the double-walker counterpart people have claimed that they had - since the earliest of times."

I personally found it quite amusing to see misinformed one-sided skeptics on science forums running with this misunderstood research screaming, "I told you so! Another example of science over superstition!" Which objectively proves that being one-sided is being dumb-sided, as the vast majority of skeptics I have met have never honestly researched BOTH SIDES of the issue regarding these things. Confirmation Bias is LOL. (I on the otherhand *constantly* read up on all sides of the issue regarding these Phenomenon, reading material from both Researchers and Skeptics).

If they had, they would have known that the research in question produced NOTHING like a real OBE, and regardless can not explain the overwhelming numbers of Veridical Details obtained during real OBEs, especially those that have been documented as occuring during a state in which the brain waves are flat-lined following cardiac arrest.

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Hi. I'm Eteponge. I'm going to start posting my Research Findings and Research Articles here on the Topic of various Paranormal Phenomenon. Anything new I write up or any new information I come across, I will put here.

I want to give every single Phenomenon, Veridical Case, and Person I post about a fair all-sided view of things, to eliminate bias. I want to write about hits and misses, Veridical Elements and Non-Veridical Elements, Pro-Arguments and Anti-Arguments, Counter-Arguments from BOTH SIDES, and simply the data and facts as a whole, presented as is.

That is my goal.