Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hi. I'm Eteponge. I'm going to start posting my Research Findings and Research Articles here on the Topic of various Paranormal Phenomenon. Anything new I write up or any new information I come across, I will put here.

I want to give every single Phenomenon, Veridical Case, and Person I post about a fair all-sided view of things, to eliminate bias. I want to write about hits and misses, Veridical Elements and Non-Veridical Elements, Pro-Arguments and Anti-Arguments, Counter-Arguments from BOTH SIDES, and simply the data and facts as a whole, presented as is.

That is my goal.


Joseph Mitchell said...

Hey, I am so glad I found you. I do not want to lose you. In Facebook language, how do I like you? Or I guess follow you? How do I email you, this may work for now. I did post the Dorothy Allison article on my FB wall, thanks so much for all that you are doing.

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